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Exclusively reserved to TWENTY CAMPUS tenants


Rent and charges

Rent and charges are payable monthly in advance, except for subsidised residences and those subject to fees.

The rent is fixed for 1 year and indexed according to the rent review index or the legislation in force.

Provisions for charges include cold water, maintenance of communal areas, lift, manager, etc. On some sites, the provisions for charges may include electricity, hot water or heating and will be subject to an adjustment.

The household waste collection tax and council tax are not included.

Security deposit

For domestic students, the amount of the security deposit is one month's rent with charges, excluding the hotel package.

For international students, the amount of the security deposit may be subject to specific agreements.

Rental fee

The amount of the rental fee is based on occupancy within the residence.

When the occupancy is the tenant's main residence, the administrative fee is subject to the cap on rental fees and the fee for drafting the lease established by the ALUR Law.

For so-called short-term and medium-term stays, the administrative fees are subject to fixed rates specific to each residence.

Specific preferential agreements may also have been set up depending on the school or faculty.


Ingoing and outgoing inventories are jointly established between the site manager and the tenant.

Term of the lease and termination

The lease is concluded for 1 year, renewable by tacit agreement. The tenant may terminate the lease at any time, subject to one month's notice.

The lessor may also terminate the lease in accordance with statutory provisions, in particular when the tenant, despite several warnings, fails to comply with the internal rules of the residence.

The leave given by either party starts to run from the date of receipt of the letter sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.




The tenant will be asked for a guarantor, who must be a natural person with an income higher than 3 times the rent, all charges and services included, for the same tax household.

The income must be stable. The guarantor must be domiciled or justify revenues on French territory.

Regarding international students who cannot provide guarantors on French territory, a specific procedure has been put in place. Please contact the SERGIC Résidences services (except for "La Résidence" in Lille).


When the lease is signed, comprehensive home insurance will be required. If necessary, you can contact the SERGIC Résidences services to perform this formality.




Rental general conditions
Sergic résidences becomes Twenty campus